26 Feb

IP Warm-up Overview

IP Warm-up Definition

IP warming is the process of adding campaign volume week-over-week to a neutral IP Address to establish a good sending reputation with Internet Services Providers. (ISPs)

IP Warm-up Summary

ISPs view email from a neutral IP address as suspicious until they establish a good sending reputation. It takes 4-8 weeks to achieve maximum deliverability (depending on targeted volume and engagement). Warm-up could take longer if receivers don’t perceive an email as opt-in. Certain receivers limit senders to thresholds until they build a sender reputation.

Nextehost recommends starting off on the right foot with the cleanest data first. Focus warm-up your most engaged subscribers and then add in the older segments as you progress. Older segments should be added to the engaged segments in chunks of 15% of your existing volume as not to tip your reputation from good to bad. The goal during your warm-up process is to send to subscribers who are least likely to complain and bounce. This would include those that have opted-in most recently and are consistent openers/clickers.

During the Warm-up phase the more consistent you are with volume, frequency, complaint and bounce levels, the faster you will establish a positive sending reputation. If you send infrequently, anything less than weekly it will take more time to build a positive sender reputation.

IP Warm-up Plan

Key to Success

Week 1 Daily Volume Notes
Day 1 200 • During weeks 1-2 send to the most
Day 2 500 active subscribers. 30 days active
Day 3 1,000
Day 4 2,000
Day 5 5,000 • During weeks 3-4 send to 60 days
Day 6 10,000 active subscribers.
Day 7 20,000
Week 2
Day 8 40,000 • Do not send to subscribers that have
Day 9 100,000 note opened or clicked in the past 90 days
Day 10 250,000 during the first 45 days of warm-up.
Day 11 500,000
Day 12 1,000,000
Day 13 2,000,000 • If warming above 5 Million do not send
Day 14 5,000,000 more than double the previous volume.

What to Expect

Once you begin warming up your IPs you can expect some bulking and blocking to occur. It is key to stick with the plan. Below are details of what you can expect and actions to take.

  • Bulking at Yahoo, AOL, Gmail. Typically clears up after a few sends with solid positive metrics, but it can take time to get inbox delivery. The key is to keep sending to engaged subscribers.
  • Delays at AOL, Microsoft and Comcast. The delays (421 bounces) will retry for 72 hours and if not delivered will bounce as a 5XX with the original 421 error in the bounce record. Delays are normal, and will lessen each day as reputation develops. As long as they are ultimately delivering there is no concern. However if they are timing out in large quantities you should back down your volumes to that ISP by tightening up your engagement
  • Possible blocking by ISPs can occur if the list isn’t engaged enough. The key is to segment carefully and tighten up engagement Again the key is to keep sending.
  • It is important to monitor your metrics and adjust the plan accordingly during the Warm-up period.




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09 Nov

New delivery control involved in PowerMTA 4.5

PowerMTA has always aimed on focusing on one thing and implementing it perfectly. That most important aim is email delivery. The thing might sound quite easy to you, but sending it in bulk is not that easy. It depends o the receiving systems regarding the volume as well as their behavior. With the commencement of powerMTA 4.5, many improvements and added features have come into being.

The main features that haven been included in PowerMTA 4.5 are:

  1. Bounce domains with MX

Prevention from needless typo domains that are into existence but do not accept email. On the other hand, PMTA enables to glance off messages to domains without the MX records. PowerMTA 4.5 has the power to do the required lookups for a certain period of time, and bounce it back if it finds that the MX is missing. This will prevent from the line of typo domains while still conveying to the occasional host with the MX feature.

  1. Restrict connection on destination IP

PowerMTA always had the authority and the power of restricting the power of synchronous connections at the domain level as well as the MX level. In PowerMTA 4.5 the limit to concurrent connection gets restricted to the domain IP. This is mostly helpful for the recognized brand providers,  that has the ability to host many domains. Every domain comes up with unqiue MX host name but all gets resolved to the IPs. So if you can limit the connection to the branded provider’s IPs, the error message will no longer be seen.

  1. Increasing retry stages

Retrying of messages was basically done on fixed junctures. In simple words, it the retrying stage of 10 mins was made, near about 144 attempts were conducted during the period of 24 hours. With powerMTA 4.5 the interval hour can be changed. It can be changed after each tried attempt. This give way to the use of increasing intervals or breaks and a way to avoid unwanted attempts as the probability of delivery decreases over time.

  1. Rollup sequence based on MX records

PowerMTA used different segments for each domain. The delivery was highly concurrent and the problem on one domain did not affect the other. But the delivery problems often occurred at the provider’s level. With the introduction of version 4.5, powerMTA is now able to rollup segments on the basis of MX records of each domain. If the records mimic the configured list of the MX hosts at the time of submission, that particular domain will be put forth in the particular rollup segment.

PowerMTA 4.5 has increased the infrastructure application for digital emailing, marketing as well as integrated customer communication. With the use of powetMTA 4.5 for your business you will be able to receive proper set up as well as get legitimate analysis of the consumers. This includes performance, conveyance, manageability without any sort of extra investment in hardware. It offers no fake promises and implements the same that it holds on to. It might select one thing but will have the power to do it perfectly right.

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08 Nov

How different types email have helped the marketers in email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that is worth for business also provides strong and outstanding results when implemented according to strategy. Many big organizations have relied on email marketing as the best networking option as the best source of communication all over the world. The flexibility of email has allowed the businesses to modify it according to their needs. Email marketing has always served as the plus point on the entrepreneur’s side and one of the best traditional form of marketing till date.

Types of Email marketing


Emails sent on marketing purpose can be distinguished as –


  1. Promotional emails that include advertisement emails, newsletters, that promote or highlight the brand or products and so on
  2. Informative emails that include newsletters those are only particular about any information, transaction email, direct emails and others.

Marketers adopt different types of email to garner leads and convert into sales. There are also other forms of emails where they keep engaging the existing consumers to commit with them for a longer period of time. It depends upon the marketers to send their email and it might vary from person to person to garner profit.

Promotional Emails

This is a traditional format of email to approach clients. It is one of the first steps of promotion or advertisements through email. An email marketer basically approaches through email to promote his brand or product. The promotional emails can vary from brochures to product descriptions with unique images and videos. When email marketing started the marketers used it in full-fledged for their promotion of products and services. The introduction of content and quality kept increasing with time along with the addition of links, pictures, images and subscriptions.

All the modification took place as the consumers reciprocated in a positive manner. The consumer got the right to read what he wants and when he wants to. He could also get back to the organization through direct communication through email. The links could be useful to him in order to make any requests or buy a product or inquire through something. The customer could do all that he needed. All the marketer had to do was to show the right guidance and pathway to clear all his queries and requests.

Pointing a client to the correct platform was and still is of paramount importance. It is still very important to design a good email for advertising.  The main features of a typical advertisement or promotional email include good content, length, market and scheduling.

Next E Host will serve you with different forms of email marketing techniques that will build a strong relationship with your consumers as well as a good partnership with business proposal. Connect with us so that you can send bulk email as well as make sure that you email is not going to get spoofed or spammed.

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07 Nov

Creative ways to use social media to update your email list

Anyone who has huge consumer list can understand the benefit of having subscribers. They know that bigger the subscriber list, the more you can reach the public through email marketing campaign. This can help you generate leads that can later be converted into sales. Another advantage being you have the capability to separate you readers and your consumers as per demographics, buying habits and other features. Targeting your audience with customized messages can also help to turn your leads into sales.


But it is quite tough to generate huge email list. Buying the list can really be one of a hectic thing. The most beneficial way is to crack email list through social media. Social media has garnered much popularity these days. People in social media are quite interested in knowing new and informative things which can serve as a benefit to them.


Here are ways where you can utilize social media –

  1. Utilize facebook sign-up

Creating a business page on facebook has created much popularity in the digital marketing world. Imagining your organization has a Facebook Page already, you can have the authority to add the call to action button and set that to generate email circumscribe. When you are constructing the dials connect it to your website where the visitor can put in his/her details. This process can help you garner lot of email lists to generate into your full time consumers. If you don’t have a facebook page now, get one ASAP.

  1. Offer interesting content

If you want followers and frequent visitor, you need to keep updating your page and website with interesting and useful content. When you are in need for subscriber list, you need to provide something in return. You can indulge some exclusive content on your page which can include the specific product, its usage or some useful tricks or some interesting facts. This is keep your readers indulged in your content as well as they will share it to reach their friend list. You can also offer free e-books where you can allow the subscribers to put in their email address and you are good to go.

  1. Use Facebook Adds

Facebook ads are extremely popular to attract your visitors in your page. You can use low-cost facebook ad campaign to put your advertising in front of the people who are more likely to click on ads and will be interested in your service. This is an amazing attraction to gain email lists.

  1. Create a Contest or Giveaway

This method has reached to most of the people and has gained immense popularity. People like to receive things which can be beneficial to them that too for free. You can opt for something as you are giving away a product and the winner will be selected on the terms of clicking pictures or describing in detail about any of the product that they have used from you. Wait for the time, you will receive outstanding results. Not only you can sell your products but also get numerous email lists.

Next E host is always here to update you with some exciting contents that will do wonders for you. So don’t just wait, connect with us to explore for a successful business.

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