27 Feb

Spam Traps

Pristine Spam Traps

  • Email addresses created solely to capture spammers (sometimes referred to as Honey Pots). These email addresses were never owned by a real person, do not subscribe to email programs and of course will never make a purchase. If you are hitting pristine traps, this typically indicates you have a bad data partner.

Recycled Spam Traps

  • Email addresses that were once used by a real person but abandoned and then recycled by ISPs as spam traps. Before turning on an abandoned email address into a spam trap, ISPs will return an unknown user error code for a period of time (6 to 12 months). If you are hitting a recycled spam trap, this typically indicates that your data hygiene process is not working.

How to Avoid and Remove Spam Traps

  • Do not purchase or rent lists.
  • Remove hard bounces.
  • Continuously re-engaged your inactive subscribers.
  • Remove disengaged subscribers once several re-engagement attempts have been made.
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