07 Nov

Advantage of using DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is a technological form that helps to shield email senders and recipients from spam, spoofing, and phishing. It allows the trustee to check that an email alleged to have come from a specific domain certainly is certified by the owner of the domain. The main criteria is to prevent the emails from getting forged as well as shield away from other spoofing procedures. Talking in technical grounds, DKIM allows a domain to accomplice its name by subjoining a digital signature to it. The verification is processed out using the signer’s public key advertised in the DNS.

Advantages :

The primary advantage of this system for email trustee is in allowing signing the domain to accurately identify a stream of legitimate email. Therefore, this process allows domain based ostracized and whitelist to be more compelling. It also benefits you by preventing against different phishers whose attacks are easier to detect through DKIM.

Use with spam filtering

DKIM is the method of classifying a message. It doesn’t itself detect spam or filter. Though, through DKIM has prevented spammers from imitating the source of the address of their senders’ or their messages. DKIM has made it simple to recognize email which is not spam and that does not need filtering.


DKIM is useful as an anti-phishing mechanization. Mailers in dejectedly phished domains can sign their email to showcase that they are genuine. The receiver can take the nonappearance of a legit signature on ail form those domains to be an implication that the email is probably spoofed. To carry out the process in a safe way, DMARC has been introduced in recent years. It allows the domain to self-distribute which mechanization they employ, may it be SPF or DKIM, making it easier for the receiver to make a knowledgeable decision. Making it possible to understand whether the email is spam or not.

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