07 Nov

Creative ways to use social media to update your email list

Anyone who has huge consumer list can understand the benefit of having subscribers. They know that bigger the subscriber list, the more you can reach the public through email marketing campaign. This can help you generate leads that can later be converted into sales. Another advantage being you have the capability to separate you readers and your consumers as per demographics, buying habits and other features. Targeting your audience with customized messages can also help to turn your leads into sales.


But it is quite tough to generate huge email list. Buying the list can really be one of a hectic thing. The most beneficial way is to crack email list through social media. Social media has garnered much popularity these days. People in social media are quite interested in knowing new and informative things which can serve as a benefit to them.


Here are ways where you can utilize social media –

  1. Utilize facebook sign-up

Creating a business page on facebook has created much popularity in the digital marketing world. Imagining your organization has a Facebook Page already, you can have the authority to add the call to action button and set that to generate email circumscribe. When you are constructing the dials connect it to your website where the visitor can put in his/her details. This process can help you garner lot of email lists to generate into your full time consumers. If you don’t have a facebook page now, get one ASAP.

  1. Offer interesting content

If you want followers and frequent visitor, you need to keep updating your page and website with interesting and useful content. When you are in need for subscriber list, you need to provide something in return. You can indulge some exclusive content on your page which can include the specific product, its usage or some useful tricks or some interesting facts. This is keep your readers indulged in your content as well as they will share it to reach their friend list. You can also offer free e-books where you can allow the subscribers to put in their email address and you are good to go.

  1. Use Facebook Adds

Facebook ads are extremely popular to attract your visitors in your page. You can use low-cost facebook ad campaign to put your advertising in front of the people who are more likely to click on ads and will be interested in your service. This is an amazing attraction to gain email lists.

  1. Create a Contest or Giveaway

This method has reached to most of the people and has gained immense popularity. People like to receive things which can be beneficial to them that too for free. You can opt for something as you are giving away a product and the winner will be selected on the terms of clicking pictures or describing in detail about any of the product that they have used from you. Wait for the time, you will receive outstanding results. Not only you can sell your products but also get numerous email lists.

Next E host is always here to update you with some exciting contents that will do wonders for you. So don’t just wait, connect with us to explore for a successful business.

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07 Nov

Advantage of using DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is a technological form that helps to shield email senders and recipients from spam, spoofing, and phishing. It allows the trustee to check that an email alleged to have come from a specific domain certainly is certified by the owner of the domain. The main criteria is to prevent the emails from getting forged as well as shield away from other spoofing procedures. Talking in technical grounds, DKIM allows a domain to accomplice its name by subjoining a digital signature to it. The verification is processed out using the signer’s public key advertised in the DNS.

Advantages :

The primary advantage of this system for email trustee is in allowing signing the domain to accurately identify a stream of legitimate email. Therefore, this process allows domain based ostracized and whitelist to be more compelling. It also benefits you by preventing against different phishers whose attacks are easier to detect through DKIM.

Use with spam filtering

DKIM is the method of classifying a message. It doesn’t itself detect spam or filter. Though, through DKIM has prevented spammers from imitating the source of the address of their senders’ or their messages. DKIM has made it simple to recognize email which is not spam and that does not need filtering.


DKIM is useful as an anti-phishing mechanization. Mailers in dejectedly phished domains can sign their email to showcase that they are genuine. The receiver can take the nonappearance of a legit signature on ail form those domains to be an implication that the email is probably spoofed. To carry out the process in a safe way, DMARC has been introduced in recent years. It allows the domain to self-distribute which mechanization they employ, may it be SPF or DKIM, making it easier for the receiver to make a knowledgeable decision. Making it possible to understand whether the email is spam or not.

Next E Host has brought to you two of the key important advantages that protect your originality. Come and connect with us with the various ranges of services of your choice. We assure you to secure your privacy also our expert team will entice you with information that will mark as prosperity for your organization.

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06 Nov

Cast Email Marketing Campaigns in just 5 Steps

With all the competence available at present in email marketing systems, there are few factors you need to keep in mind. These factors will help you to construct a good relationship with your consumers to boost your emolument, expand your business and have a proper place in the marketplace.

The factors for successful email marketing campaign

  1. Choose the genuine email marketing software system

CRM system can have a wide variety of easy database models to more complex systems which include sales force management, affiliate curriculum, and email behaviour campaigns. Next E Host provides your basic email databases and services which is helpful for email marketing campaign. Most of the e-mail marketing campaigns we provide have free support and guidance.

  1. 2. Create a list

If you have minimal e-mail addresses, you need to get started from a certain point. Add the same to your database. Once you start constructing your list, make sure you commence a campaign to keep in touch. Send email in such a way that it should not fill up their inbox with your emails. We advise you to send only to emails a month. Those two email should require the quality to attract your audience.

  1. Set up Contact Information Capture Forms

It is pretty simple to add forms to your website so that you can allow your audience to update them with new notifications. Your form should include the contact number, email address, name and phone number.

  1. Set up an auto-responder email

There should be a certain number of auto-responder emails that should be released on particular date and time. It is better to keep them on point and not a sales pitch. We advise you to create auto-responder emails to construct a good relationship with your consumers.

  1. Monitor Results

You should view once a month to see which emails have bored your good fruit and might have a higher rate of opening as well as clicks. You can even implement the things which you have learned from the previous campaign in your next one. You can also try testing your emails to your most trusted consumers to see what they reciprocate.


Following all the above steps can lead yours to a good marketing campaign. Next E Host provides you will such information and how email marketing has uplifted businesses. Connect with us to know more and proper in near future.


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