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E-mail corroboration can be exceedingly high-tech and complicated. The most accomplished experts need to guide along the route to explain it in easy language. It is quite difficult to explain the authentication of e-mail to non-technical people. Though the battle against spams and e-mail scam is never-ending. Due to this, several guidelines have emerged. SPF or Sender Policy Framework is one among the benchmarks. SPF basically gets the license for a domain to openly affirm which servers may send emails on its behalf. Before we dive into further details, let’s showcase you in brief about SPF.

What is SPF?

The full form of SPF is Sender Policy Framework. This makes it simple for the domain, may it be ISP, business or schools, to declare that they only send emails from particular machines. So, if any other machine declares to send email, they are fake. SPF intents to defend against spammers from demolishing other people’s eminence. By implementing this in your application or server, you can completely rely on the fact that a spammer will never be able to imitate you while exploiting others. Some of the leading examples of merchants executing SPF into their products are Declude Junk mail, MailFrontier, CommuniGate Pro and others.

Why should you implement SPF?

If you own an SPF record, the chances of counterfeiting emails will be quite less. Or rather impossible. This is so because the duplicate or forged emails presumably get entangled in the spam filter. This verifies the SPF Record. Thus, your domain stays shielded from scammers and phishers. The protected domain is less valuable to be a spoofed address. Thereby, it gets rejected by spam filters. So basically, the official email from the domain is liable to get through.


Supplementing an SPF record in your domain or DNS zone file is one of the apt ways to prevent spammers from spoofing. Not only this, SPF record of legit email tidings that are indicated as spam. Or backlash by your recipients’ email servers. Adding this to your zone file, you are bound to notice a lateral decrease in the number of backlashes you gather.

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