26 Feb

Why is an IP Warm-up important?

Warm-up Matters


Quick Warm-Up: Slow Warm-Up:
  • ISPs see volume spikes
  • Unknown Senders
  • Blocks/Filtering/Rate Limiting will occur
  • ISPs see the gradual build in volume
  • Good reputation develops over time
  • Blocks/Filtering/Rate Limiting rarely occurs (only occurs when engagement and complaint rate ratios are in poor standing).

IP Warm-up Helps Build Your Sender Reputation

⇒Sender Reputation is how receivers view you and your mail.

  • Email reputation controls access to the inbox
    • Bad reputation = Spam Folder or Blocks
    • Good reputation = Inbox
  • Reputation can effect the Domain and/or IP Address and will be based on:
    • Spam Complaints
    • Invalid email addresses (hard bounces)
    • Spamtrap hits
    • Authentication (SPF, Sender ID, DKIM, DMARC)
    • Third-party blacklistings
    • Engagement

⇒Positive affects on your reputation are:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Authentication – DKIM, SPF, Sender ID, DMARC

⇒Negative affects on your reputation are:

  • Poor or insufficient permission
    • High recipient complaints (report as spam)
  • Poor list quality/hygiene – Bad email addresses
  • IP Address and Domain blacklistings
  • Spam Trap hits
  • Large spikes in volume
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